Welcome to Glass Garden. I know it's been quite an adjustment for all of us to deal with staying at home, but, it has given us an opportunity to work on catching up with things we've been putting off, or haven't had time to finish.  Especially this website...I have had it in my mind to work on this every day but always put it off. (PROCRASTINATING) 

Well here it is. The new and improved website we've been working on.  Mark is taking pictures and cleaning them up and I'm putting them on the site. It's actually great to be at the computer again doing the thing I love. Hopefully it is looking OK but I'm constantly looking for any problems that you see while going through it and welcome any and all criticism.  That being said, BE KIND!

For the customers who haven't seen us before we are Mark and Kathy Slaven. We participate in 40 plus art shows around the country with our Dichroic Art Glass for the last 20 years.  We love what we do. If you know our work, you know that we spend the extra time to make our quality over and above the competition.  Custom orders are not a problem for us. Sometimes a phone call, text or e-mail is all you need to create that one of a kind piece you've been thinking of.



To all of you, STAY SAFE, and GOD BLESS!

Mark and Kathy Slaven